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For the past 4 years, I have done some major “decluttering” session in my life using reference from many websites. Among them : zenhabitsbecoming minimalist. I was captivated by the word “minimalism”. It was a sacred word and a lifetime goal. Since then, I changed my eating habit. I stopped eating foods my body wasn’t comfortable to. I put break on my impulsive thought (on almost everything). I downsized my closet. I sold unwanted possessions.

However, I still felt that this is not good enough. There was something still missing, and I did not know how to express it. No matter how I threw away things, I still had house full of possessions. I looked for more effective way to declutter my stuffs. The trigger was Matriculation Online Session held by IIP (short for Professional Mother Institute) when I had to write down my goal in life. What exactly I wanted to do in my life as individual, as a mother, as a wife toward the society.

My brain was rewired for some time, and during these heavy-thinking-session, the word ‘KonMari’ came to my life. A friend of mine suggested to buy the book. I did it without hesitation. The indonesian version is good enough. I began to focus reading only this book for a week. Once again, my messy thought was tidied-up.

I started KonMari-ing my house. The book advised to start sorting thing by category with order : Clothes – Books – Documents – KoMono – Sentimental things. By the time I read through half of the book, I have finished KonMari-ing Clothes and books, plus some DVD (skipped order, because DVD and books are on neighbouring shelves). then I read the rest of the book and back to original order. It took me 2 weeks to complete my KonMari 1.0. It turned out sorting is E-A-S-Y!

The Key word are ‘Spark Joy’ and ‘Sort by Category'(Not Location). The method suggests all stuffs that fall on same category should be taken out of closet/shelf/cabinet/ luggage/all other storages in your house. Put them in one location, wide enough to sit down and gaze on the mountainous pile. For the first time, we shall see how awfully lot our stuffs are. I thought I owned little until I saw it (^^;). It was overwhelming for me (yet my house was emptier than most houses I visited).

then…  we sort them based on ‘whether they still spark joy to us or not’. Please get rid of the thought : “I think I will need it someday” because if you don’t use it, most likely you won’t be using it later. I will run through each category here.

#1 Category : Clothes (and other textiles)

Clothes came first because this is the easiest. We know which clothes we like and dislike immediately. I asked my husband and my daughter to help me, especially my daughter because I wanted her to declutter her own drawer. She is still 4 year old, and I need her to learn this important life skill : sorting what’s important.

We did it for 1 hour. ONLY 1 HOUR. We managed to sort 3/4 unwanted clothes (no Joy) and 1/4 to keep. That’s it.

I used to have one 20kg-luggage full of clothes, now it is empty. We threw away at least 40 kg of all textiles including clothes, bed sheets, towels, bags, handkerchief, jackets, socks, praying mats. Suddenly our drawers and other storages were empty, so we sold them too.

#2 Category : Books  

This category was also easy-pisey. I love books A LOT, but when I had to choose what I really really want to read, surprisingly I could make immediate choice. We wiped out our entire collection in 2 days ( we means 3 of us)

#3 Category : Documents (and Papers)

Okay, this is the most boring-pain-in-the-neck-category for us. I am pretty sure none of the unused papers spark any joy in us, but I had to keep the important documents such as certificate, school diploma, passport (Ofcourse! How can we travel without it??), Birth certificate, house ownership etc.

#4 Category : Komono (and electronic devices)

Getting harder. Komono means ‘knick knack’. Every small things we have. Also Included DVDs, jewelry, electronic devices. I owned some cute little things I kept since old days and it was not easy to get rid of, although it doesn’t spark joy now. Electronic devices were easy though, we donated our simbadda speaker and walkman. I also sold my old laptop. This category took longer time to finish. I procrastinated. I delayed. I tried to run away from it.

#5 Sentimental things (Memorabilia, memento, love letters, photos)

KonMari really knows when she suggested the order. This is Final Boss. This is Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII, Arghhhh! Hardest to beat. My heart was beating fast. I could not sleep well. I was insomniac for at least 2 consecutive nights. What did I do? NOTHING! Just stared at my stuffs, completely helpless, did not want to move my arms.

Love letter? Easy. I didn’t want to cling to my past love.

Diary? Easy. I don’t need it anymore

Musical goods? HARD. I thought I already moved on from it. I was wrong. I love them dearly I can play the images in my head over and over again. However, I got rid part of them that aren’t necessary. I kept old script of theatre performance I was in.

Photos? Hmm… I digitalized some of them. I think I need paper shredder.


Now what? I have already sorted, sold, donated them. Once I tidied the 1/4 back to drawers and cabinet, my house was sparking more joy. IT DOES. I can breathe fresher air and my voice echoes louder in the living room. Nothing can describe the soothing and calming feeling that I have. Sense of accomplishment. Yes Nares, you have outdone yourself.

KonMari book said, “the life changing magic of tidying up starts when you finish doing KonMari properly”.  I did KonMari 1.0 and my life changed. I now know what I want to do. I think I figured out how to do it. I talked to more people in more joyful way. And.. I started this blog! Yeay!

Since this is a (dot)com purchased domain, it certainly sounds more professional than free blog. We want this to be our home, media, education tools and travel companion.

I will update frequently, so stay tune!

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